Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mounted Militia

[Minor edits 12/25/09]

My miniatures are "true" 15mm in height, that is, 15mm from foot to eye. There are a number of manufacturers of such miniatures for the American Revolution. None of these manufacturers makes a mounted militiaman figure, which is unfortunate because mounted militia played an important role at a number of battles during the Revolution (e.g., James McCall's and Banjamin Jolly's mounted militia at the battle of Cowpens). Pictured are five versions of a mounted militiaman that I've painted. The figure on the left is an American dragoon by Musket Miniatures riding an Essex horse. Next to him is a Prussian Seven Years War dragoon by Essex. In the middle is a Freikorps mounted infantryman. Next to him on the right is an American cavalryman by Essex. Finally on the right is a Prussian Seven Years War cuirassier by Essex (I filed down the cuirass).


  1. I've been looking at what figures to use for these as well. Hadn't thought of using SYW figures. Freikorps do a mounted 'General' in hunting shirt which I'm going to use for one, along with the mounted infantry/militia. I've sen some plates for the State militias and the normal dragoons will do for some of them if not painted too uniform. Must get round to doing them soon!


  2. The Freikorps general sounds like a great choice. I wish I had thought of that.

  3. Peter Pig now makes mounted militia in 15mm.