Friday, February 13, 2009

Building the Cowpens Battlefield

I haven't built a battlefield for miniatures before, so I've been relying on trial and error. I first attempted to arrange shapes under a large Woodland Scenics vinyl mat. This didn't turn out to well. The mat didn't conform well to the shape of the underlying materials, so I gave up on that idea. I decided instead to cut terrain features out of foam board, flock them, and lay them on top of the mat.

Here again is the map of the battlefield. Each successive lighter color represents a 20-foot increase in height.

Here is the battlefield in foam board laying on top of the vinyl mat. Little fighting occurred in the low areas, so I cut out in foam board only the highest points on the battlefield. The road is cardboard cut from a case of soda.

I then painted the foam board with a muddy mix of acrylics and sprinkled flocking material on the paint while it was wet. Then -- trouble. The edges of the foam board curled up forcing me to take a new approach.

Next time, the finished battlefield.

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