Thursday, July 16, 2009

Touring the Revolution with the Historical Marker Database

In a previous post, I described how it is possible to "see" sites associated with the American Revolution using Google Earth. In this post I'd like to make mention of another outstanding website: the Historical Marker Database. In brief, this is an online compendium of historical markers, well illustrated by contributors' photos. As an example of what this website has to offer, I've compiled below a list of markers associated with the Battles of Saratoga: Freeman's Farm (September 19, 1777) and Bemis Heights (October 7, 1777). I've also embedded a few images to provide a sense of what's available online (which you can click to enlarge), but you're encouraged to also click on the links to see the web page for each marker. Each web page provides multiple views, so you can not only see the marker in detail, but also its surroundings. The web page for each marker also includes the exact geographic coordinates of each marker, and a link to Google Maps, so you can see exactly where the marker is located, and a satellite view of the area.

Freeman's Farm (September 19, 1777)

North Redan

American River Defense

American River Fortifications

Patriots’ Eye-View

Anchor of the American Line




Thaddeus Kosciusko

John Neilson House and Farm

American Encampment and General Headquarters

Main British Encampment

Burgoyne’s Headquarters

Strategy and Terrain

Freeman House

Prelude to History

The Battle of Freeman’s Farm

New Hampshire Memorial

Zebulon Bidwell

Bemis Heights (October 7, 1777)

Bemis Heights

The Great Redoubt

The River Redoubts

Asa Chatfield Farm

Site of Chatfield Farm

The British Advance on Bemis Heights

The Battle Begins at Barber’s Wheat Field

Saratoga 1777

Saratoga 1777

Brig. Gen. Abraham Ten Broeck

Colonel Joseph Cilly

Brigadier General Simon Fraser

General Fraser Was Struck

Here Frazer Fell

Saratoga 1777

The British Withdraw

Americans Attack

Bloody Knoll

The Balcarres Redoubt

Crown Forces

The Breymann Redoubt

Arnold’s Assault

Benedict Arnold Boot Monument

Burgoyne’s Retreat

Burial Site of General Fraser

Unknown American Soldiers

Unknown Soldiers

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