Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall, Winter, Spring

Two things I'd like to do with this blog are 1) write on a variety of different topics, and 2) depict big battles of the Revolutionary War in miniature. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do both because I'm a slow painter. Even at a 1:20 ratio, it takes me quite a while to paint the miniatures for a single, moderate-sized battle. The solution that I've hit upon to this dilemma is as follows.

First, I will put together a fairly big battle in miniature during the Spring. I really look forward to doing this. The tiny figures I paint are not well suited to the small battles I commonly write about. I prefer not to say yet which one it is, beyond the fact that it will involve substantially more miniatures than any of my past projects (including Cowpens). I have a lot of remaining painting to do, and I haven't started on the battlefield, but I hope to have things ready to go by mid-Spring.

Meanwhile, I will post on variety of topics, some that will involve miniatures, and some that won't. The posts that will involve miniatures will be on the American invasion of Canada. I have already started on this topic by writing about the first two skirmishes of this campaign (cf. here and here), and I will intermittently cover other battles and skirmishes over the weeks and months ahead. The posts that won't involve miniatures will be on topics that I haven't written about before. I anticipate that the subject of these other posts will range from the familiar to the obscure. There will be, I expect, some multi-post treatments of various battles, plus single posts devoted to whatever odd topic catches my interest.

One Mini at a Time. The most recently completed minis for my Spring project: 15mm American light infantry in hunting shirts (from the new Peter Pig line).