Saturday, April 16, 2011

Preparing the Diorama (2)

Some more progress has been made on the battle of Guilford Courthouse diorama, although it is still far from completion.

The last time I wrote about this I had begun cutting out pieces from terrain from foam board. That stage is now complete. Now, I am working on painting the edges of the foam board pieces with brown acrylic paint. This looks like it will be the most time consuming stage. The foam edges are irregular and it is difficult to get the paint into every crevasse. The next stage is to mount grass and trees onto the pieces. After that I plan to create the roads and fields on the battlefield.

I also started to complete a hill in the southwest corner of the battlefield to get a better sense of how the battlefield will look when it's complete. The 1st battalion of Guards (~180 officers and men) was placed in a reserve position on the slope of this hill when the battle started. Later the 1st Guards was brought up to extend the right end of the advancing British line and became heavily engaged with American riflemen and Continentals.

Diorama in Progress (click to enlarge)


  1. Looks great so far! I am really looking forward to the diorama's completion!

  2. Thanks, Dale, hopefully that will be sooner than later.