Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Painting Update: Regiment von Bose

For the past several months, I've been working on battle of Guilford Courthouse project, in which I plan to depict the battle in miniature. Some time ago I finished assembling the American army. Now I'm just about finished with the British army, too. The last unit that I've had to paint is Hessian Regiment von Bose. This regiment was one of two British units embroiled in the “separate battle” at Guilford Courthouse.

A few of the figures below need some touch up work. The figures also need to be varnished and the stands need to be flocked. Otherwise, this is a completed unit.

The figures, by the way, are from Essex Miniatures' Prussian 7 Years War line. The uniform details are more-or-less appropriate for Revolutionary War Hessians. The flags are metal and part of the flag bearer figures.

15mm Miniatures by Essex (click to enlarge).

Regiment von Bose has been popular among those painting miniatures for this time period. Check out the 28mm-high versions of the regiment painted by Giles, Truls, and Steve.


  1. Nice looking unit and enjoying your updates.


  2. These look great, AD. Thanks for the link - I had assumed that British uniforms would have been in a poor state by the time of the battle but then found out that new clothing had been recently issued. So your figures are perfect!

    Best wishes


  3. Thanks Giles. I had made the same assumption about British uniforms at Guilford Courthouse, and I'm pleased to hear that the way in which these minis were painted may not be too far off the mark.