Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New York: May, 1775

Below is a listing of British forces in New York's strategic Lake Champlain - Hudson River corridor in early May, 1775. Letters in bold refer to labels on the accompanying map (click to enlarge).
  • A. Lake Champlain: The sloop Betsey.
  • B. Crown Point: A ruined fort with a large number of cannon. Garrison: 1 sergeant, 12 rank and file of the 26th Foot.
  • C. Fort Ticonderoga: A ruined fort with a large number of cannon. Garrison: Captain Delaplace and forty some men of the 26th Foot and the 4th battalion of the Royal Artillery.
  • D. Skenesborough: Estate of Philip Skene. Garrison: Andrew Philip Skene, lieutenant in the 43rd Foot and brigade-major, several cannon, the schooner Katherine (or Catherine) and a number of former soldiers and other residents.
  • E. Fort George: A ruined fort that serves as a way station for correspondence between New York and Canada. Garrison: Captain Nordberg, a retired officer of the 60th regiment who lives "in a little Cottage as a Hermit," and two caretakers.
  • F. New York City: Garrison: 5 companies of the 18th Foot (about 100 men) and the sloop Kingfisher.

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