Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Miniatures en Masse

I manage to fit some American Revolution-themed reading or writing into most evenings. However, I probably don’t paint miniatures more than once a week. Nevertheless, I am slowing making progress towards being able to put together miniature versions of relatively large and well-known battles of the American Revolution. On this count, I am probably closest to being able to put together Camden and Guilford Courthouse. With the recent completion of the 33rd Foot, I am now especially close to completing the British order of battle for both battles. For Camden, I need only the Volunteers of Ireland and some additional light infantry. For Guilford Courthouse, I need only Regiment von Bose, and the Guards’ flank companies. Unfortunately, I am not so close to completing the American side for these two battles. I need quite a few additional militia and Continentals for both battles, plus Lee’s Legion for Guilford and Armand’s Legion for Camden.

I haven’t made up my mind as to whether my big spring project will be: Camden, Guilford Courthouse, or something else entirely. While I certainly won’t be able to do a complete version of, say, Brandywine or Germantown, I might still be able to put together a crucial part of one of those battles in miniature. For example, I would enjoy focusing on the struggle for Chadd’s Ford at Brandywine, or the actions by Maxwell’s and Nash’s brigades at Germantown.

Each newly-painted miniature brings me one step closer to these goals. Below are pictures of some relatively large 15mm formations that provide a look at my progress.

Some southern campaign British regiments.

American Continentals. This force represents is a decent start towards the completion of Nash’s brigade (who generally were without uniforms). Of course, they could also represent a number of other American formations, north or south.

American militia.