Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guilford Courthouse Project (Index)

Index to Posts in the Guilford Courthouse in Miniature Series


Research Posts

Preparing the Miniatures

Preparing the Model Battlefield

The Battle in Miniature

  • Part 1: Background information

Action on the First Line

  • Part 2: Exchange of artillery fire
  • Part 3: British infantry advance
  • Part 4: Infantry fight on the first line
  • Part 5: Webster’s fight on the British left flank

Action on the Second Line

  • Part 6: Actions involving Lawson’s brigade of Virginia militia
  • Part 7: Actions involving Stevens’ brigade of Virginia militia
  • Part 8: Start of the “separate battle” at Guilford Courthouse on the British right flank

Action on the Third Line

  • Part 9: Webster’s attack
  • Part 10: The British Guards attack
  • Part 11: The Americans counterattack
  • Part 12: The Guards are defeated, but the British renew the attack
  • Part 13: The Americans are driven from the third line
  • Part 14: The separate battle continues
  • Part 15: Conclusion of the battle of Guilford Courthouse

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  1. Wow! What an amazing labor of love to put all this together. Your blog is an invaluable resource. Thank you for doing this.